Derek Lee is a London-based interior designer and a MA Interior Design candidate at the Royal College of Art. While specialising in large mixed use public spaces, Derek is open-minded and adaptable, always challenging himself as an experiential designer to adopt new ideas, materials, and techniques in his practice. He is highly observant of the people who inhabit a space - their lifestyle, behaviour, movement, and senses - and constantly draws inspiration from the arts: from the proportions, forms and colour palettes of contemporary artwork to the rhythm and notes of classical music.

Humans spend 89% of our lives within a built interior. ‘The space’ directly affects the way its inhabitants feel and behave; such that spatial design is beyond mere visuality, it is a thought process, a tool to enhance humanity through its ability to frame lives. Derek is a firm believer in the importance of the process and the story behind, coming from sketches, model studies, and research, which form the basis to a strong spatial identity.